Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns

Congratulations to the 2011 Class Clowns National Final winners! Tom Matthews (SA) - 1st place, and runners up Mia 'Velvet Winter and Elaine Watkins.

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Class Clowns is a flagship education program and national secondary school competition.

Class Clowns registrations have closed for 2011. Registrations for the 2012 Class Clowns program will open in October.

Now in its 16th year, Class Clowns has helped young people from Years 9-12 throughout Australia develop their skills and get their funny on – including such alumni as Josh Thomas and Tom Ballard. Class Clowns even has its own fantastic, fully-fledged show in the annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival – the Class Clowns Teenage Gala.

Class Clowns aims to:
• Encourage the development of writing and performing skills in the comic arts
• Provide recognition of budding comedy talent
• Create a platform that will enable young performers to gain performing experience and exposure
• Build appreciative comedy audiences for the future

We do this through:
• A national secondary schools Class Clowns competition
Crash Course workshops in schools

For further info you can contact:

Karin Farrell
Producer: Education and Development Programs

Bridget Bantick
Associate Director

Or call the Comedy Festival office on (03) 9245 3700

Class Clowns: Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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'It’s sickening to see how far ahead these guys already are - they’ve already conquered first gig nerves and they can’t even drive. I got to work with some of these students in the Queensland workshops and it was awesome to see how committed they are to their comedy.'
-Sammy J, 2010 Class Clowns National Final Judge