Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns Crash Course

In the spirit of growing Comedy and the Arts throughout metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, we offer 2-hour workshops that can be brought to your performing arts centre or school on request.

A professional Festival comedian comes to you and puts the students through their paces in a fun workshop environment, exploring styles and genres of comedy and a variety of performance and collaboration skills.

Workshop groups don’t have to be limited to Drama or performing arts students – as you would well know your ‘class clowns’ can be lurking cheekily in English classes or Science labs, just busting for their moment in the limelight.

Give them an outlet – and you a break – and book a Crash Course workshop for your school!

The Crash Course can be a great warm up for students interested in the competition – helping them prepare their first five funny minutes to unleash on an appreciative audience. Or the workshop can be beneficial for simply assisting students meet curriculum requirements centred on public speaking. listening, problem solving, collaborating, creative thinking and analysis etc.

The group size for workshops is capped at 25 for a better interactive experience and the cost is $350 (or approximately $14 per student) plus travel costs.

For more information, contact Karin Farrell on or (03) 9245 3700.

'Our Comedy unit has become a highlight of the Year 9 school year for not only the students and teachers but parents and the wider community. Developing their own comedy act is a chance for our students to articulate their ideas and understandings; in effect creating their own social commentary of the world in which they live.'
-Susan Cole, Melbourne Girls’ College (VIC)