Melbourne International Comedy Festival Class Clowns Teacher Resources

Are You Trying To Be Funny – Notes for Comedians Trying To Be
is freely available to teachers participating and interested in Comedy Festival education programmes and Class Clowns. You can download from here by providing us with a few details in the form below.

These notes, prepared especially for Class Clowns by Ian McFayden (The Comedy Company, The Wedge) provide a chirpy overview of comedy in history and various comic genres, as a way into a series of extensive discussions about how to help your students write good comedy. Updated by our Education Advisor recently, to cover and reflect current movements in the National Curriculum, they provide a wealth of information but also ideas for activities and links to further resources.

We have DVD copies of of the 2009 and 2010 National Grand Finals for sale, and also a documentary that covers the auditions to the National Grand Final, filmed in 2002. We charge $16.50 for these titles to cover duplication and postage & handling costs. Orders can be placed by emailing a request to and putting ‘CLASS CLOWNS DVD ORDER’ in the subject heading. Please also include your postal details and we will advise how payment can be made.

'The students had a WONDERFUL time and got so much out of it! It's a great program and I thank all involved so much'
- Michelle Fitzgerald, Lara Secondary College (VIC)