Funny Tonne

Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show

Review by Chris Menezies

Ever seen a man make a Banana sandwich with his face? Ever seen a man fill his overalls with ball pit balls? Want to see people get covered in slime? This one is for you.

Matt Grey brings big game to the kids stage, each child wetting his or her pants through out the whole show. My eardrums almost exploded multiple times with kids screaming for their team to steal a victory.

There were ten trails, each a silly and weird competition that could be won by either blue or yellow. When a Team won, the other teams captain would have an extra litre of slime dumped on them at the end of the show. Team captains on the afternoon I attended were Jordan Raskopoulos and Benny Davis, two of the three from AXIS OF AWESOME.

This was a great day the kids and I most certainly wont forget.