Funny Tonne

Rose Callaghan and Mates

Review by Elise Faulkner

Rose Callaghan and Mates is essentially a split bill show with a rotating roster in which Callaghan acts as the MC for the gig. In the guest spots last night were Alice Fraser and Adam Knox who were both wonderfully hilarious. Previous guests include Bart Freebairn, Tommy Dassalo, Rhys Nicholson, Gen Fricker, and many more.

Callaghan herself is a promising new standup. Although she is sharing the spotlight, her material on growing older, dating, and taking twerking lessons is delivered in a charmingly understated way, allowing her writing skills and strong comedic timing to shine.

After a successful run at The Duke of Wellington Hotel, Rose Callaghan and Mates is moving to The Imperial for another week of the festival. This is a fun show which showcases a variety of comedians with differing styles. It's a great choice for anyone looking to see an hour of solid standup which offers something different each night.