Funny Tonne

Lewis Hobba Backs To The Wall

Review by Elise Faulkner

Lewis Hobba, one half of Triple J's Veronica and Lewis, is likeable on stage. His show Backs to the Wall is a pretty solid hour of standup primarily focused on the idea that complaining in the public sphere has become to common.

While Hobba does manage to reach some deep and insightful conclusions throughout the show, unfortunately this is inconsistent and often it feels as though the material could be pushed further to achieve funnier and more original results. Though the section of the show on his hippie parents and awkward first day at school are hilarious and it's great to see more of Hobba's personality emerge.

You will get some laughs out of the show and you'll leave with some help on writing your next complaint letter. Don't go along expecting anything too groundbreaking or provocative and you won't be disappointed.