Funny Tonne

Roland Hoffmann Everything Will Be Alright

Review by Elise Faulkner

The subject matter of Roland Hoffmann's show, a tale from about 18 months ago in which he felt his life on a downward spiral after a heartbreak, doesn't really lend itself to laugh-out-loud funny punchlines. Although, that's not to say that this is a serious piece, there are still a lot of jokes in Everything Will Be Alright.

For his debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Hoffmann has done a great job at creating a whole show with a narrative arc. He weaves together stories from the difficult time in his life, inserting clever punchlines as he goes.

This show was emotional and while it is really well constructed, it's not for everyone. If you're after a well thought out show with a lot of depth, this one is for you. If you can't handle a show with an emotional depth and want a show that is a laugh a minute then maybe look elsewhere.