Funny Tonne

FanFiction Comedy

Review by Elise Faulkner

The FanFiction comedy group is comprised of 5 young comedians from New Zealand who write and perform hilarious fan fiction pieces on everything from Harry Potter to Super Mario to Jurassic Park. They also invite two comedian guests each show to write pieces on a topic of their own choosing.

The main cast of FanFiction Comedy are all engaging performers and writers. They write new pieces for every show, often finishing them on stage as the show begins. Last night we heard about Jurassic Park: Surfers Paradise, Super Mario's marriage woes, and the improved sequel to 300. Guests Asher Treleaven and Sara Pascoe offered a joint piece, a meta story about a murder at the festival. It was hilarious and presented in a charming film noir fashion.

FanFiction Comedy offers a different show each night and was so good that I'm tempted to go to every one. They're also doing two Harry Potter nights because the first one sold out so quickly, so catch them while you can.