Funny Tonne

Angus Hodge Finding my Rose-Coloured Glasses

Review by Elise Faulkner

Angus Hodge had a breakup in the past year. But, as he assures us, this is not a breakup show.

In Finding My Rose Coloured Glasses, Hodge offers amusing anecdotes about housemates, making the move from Adelaide to Melbourne, drinking, and strange declarations on stickers from Thailand. This is Hodge's debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and it's a solid show.

Hodge is a great performer and his show includes some theatrical elements with beautifully constructed sentences and cadence. Although the stories within the show are varied, he ties them together well to make the show feel complete. Unfortunately there is an element missing from his anecdotes and jokes where I would like to see them taken further.

For a debut show, Finding My Rose Coloured Glasses is strong and Hodge will be one to watch in the coming years. He's on at The Forum for another two weeks, check him out while you can.