Funny Tonne

Karl Chandler's Got Talent!

Review by Elise Faulkner

Karl Chandler's Got Talent is a beautifully tragic tale of Chandler auditioning for a TV talent show. While he's unsure about exactly which details he can share (he didn't read the disclaimer) it's pretty obvious which reality show he's talking about.

To say that the story is a tragedy doesn't mean it's not funny. Straying away from his usual one-liners, Chandler maintains a great rhythm when doing a narrative piece. An expert joke writer, he is able to turn his misfortune into the audience's gain and crafts unexpected and hilarious punchlines. The subject matter let's Chandler's self-deprecating style shine, making you feel empathetic while also laughing hysterically.

Karl Chandler's Got Talent is a charmingly hilarious and brilliantly crafted show. It should be on everyone's list this festival.