Funny Tonne

I love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Review by Elise Faulkner

I Love Green Guide Letters is a weekly podcast in which Steele Saunders invites fellow comedians and media personalities to read and review the week's letters. The results are a hilarious mixed bag of complaints about the ABC, the use of incorrect grammar, and blatant excuses to use the word 'puerile'.

The podcast has had live recordings every Saturday throughout the festival and each episode includes different surprise guests. Last week we saw Luke McGregor, Greg Fleet and Livinia Nixon take the stage. Previous weeks have included Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes, Anne Edmonds, Peter Helliar, Tom Gleeson, and Dave Thornton.

Saunders does a great job as host, allowing the conversation to follow tangents but knowing exactly when to pull back into the letters and continue the format. He also gets an honourable mention for 'the voice', a high pitched and whiney tone that he reads each letter in.

I Love Green Guide Letters is a lot of fun and you will get something different each week. These shows have been selling out every weekend of the festival and there is one more chance to catch it this Saturday. Go along but remember the only rule; you don't interrupt the letters.