Funny Tonne

Simon Keck Let's Write A Book

Review by Elise Faulkner

'Let's Write a Book' is exactly as the title suggests; Simon Keck wants to write a book over the course of the festival and he'd like your help.

Although the show is still in its preview stage, it is incredibly engaging. Keck reads a series of short stories, some as short as 2 sentences and others which go for much longer, and gauges their popularity by how many pieces of screwed up paper get hurled at the stage by the audience.

Keck, who won the Golden Gibbo award at last year's festival, is a skilled writer and his readings are made even stronger by a great use of background music and stage lighting. The stories are hilarious and also have some sweet and occasionally sad moments.

If you're after a night of traditional stand up, then 'Let's Write a Book' isn't for you. However, if you're interested in contributing to short stories and want to experience a night of brilliant literary creativity then definitely catch it in the coming weeks.