Funny Tonne


Review by Elise Faulkner

Seussical is a wondrous musical based on the stories of Dr Seuss. The narrative is heavily reliant on Horton Hears a Who, but also contains elements of The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, Oh The Places You'll Go, and Green Eggs and Ham, to name a few.

Seussical is expertly presented. The cast are all extremely talented singers and dancers, and the costumes are great modern takes on the characters and animals featured in the original stories. The show is very song-heavy, even for a musical, but the whole thing is so joyous that the minimal dialogue isn't an issue. It's a feel-good show containing all of the messages from the original works; anything is possible, you are not alone, tell yourself how lucky you are, and so on.

Seussical is a kids show but there's plenty in there for adults too. If you grew up on Dr Seuss books, then Seussical is a must see.