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Harley Breen The Secret to Being Awesome

Review by Elise Faulkner

Harley Breen is a product of his Methodist upbringing. That's not to say that he's still religious, he makes it very clear that he's an atheist, but he's especially aware of his father's influence on him as he is currently raising a 3 year old son.

The Secret to Being Awesome is a really funny show. Breen tells us that he's reluctant to talk about his son on stage, for fear of being that 'wacky dad comedian' but his anecdotes about building a bunk bed, trips to the park and toilet training his son are hilarious. He knows exactly how to turn a phrase to get the best reaction from the audience. The show also covers Breen's love of sea shanties and mosh pits, which  culminate in some unexpected and hilarious moments.

The Secret to Being Awesome is a really funny and well put together show. Go along, you won't be disappointed.