Funny Tonne

Wil Anderson Wiluminati

Review by Elise Faulkner

It's hard to believe that at this point in his career Wil Anderson can still get better every festival. In Wiluminati, Wil once again shows us why he is one of Australia's best and most successful comedians.

After making the move to LA permanently last year, Anderson was left pondering the defining make-or-break moments of his life. He begins with one of those tales, from about 10 years ago when he first performed in New York. The story is hilarious even if he has 'added a bit of sugar'.

Wiluminati covers some topics we've heard Anderson talk about before, such as the chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis in his hips, but he still manages to find a new perspective and as always hilarity ensues. His crowd work is tremendous and he can make a punchline out of almost any name, age, or occupation.

Considering that Wil Anderson has been performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for longer than some of his audience members have been alive, then you should already know what you're getting when you go to his show. But if not, you're in for an hour of amazing Australian comedy that is only getting stronger with each passing year.