Funny Tonne

Scott Dooley Debut

Review by Mika Tsoi

Dooley speaks into a microphone for a living and his assuredness shone through when he stepped up. Though the title was ‘Debut’, but first festival shows typically aren’t this good. Having seen Dooley on a live podcast recording earlier, I didn’t know what to expect from a stand up set. He brought all the energy, persona, wit and observations leading to lots of laughs, packed in tight and his asides were hilarious. Seeing this show was a little like listening to a rock band’s first album: good and at the same time, you can hear the influences. Seeing his second, third and fourth shows, which based on his form will happen, will be fascinating, not just for laughs, but to see Dooley move further with his own style. Worth your time and money.