Funny Tonne

Kyle Kinane

Review by Mika Tsoi

Guys, you should see Kyle Kinane. Take whatever money you spend on discretionary habits, like coffee, and save it and don’t give it to a sponsor child (you were going to spend it on yourself anyway). Take that money and see Kyle Kinane before the end of the festival. Kinane finds the positives and the tensions in living alone, and growls through a ghost unemployment agency to lacking a partner in crime for Hawaiian shirts to finding the instantaneous psychological freak out from saying 'God Bless You' to a cat. I enjoyed the show, but the point is so did everyone else in the room, especially that guy on the right. This was a preview, so by the time you see him, and you will, right? Promise me. By the time you see him, the local references will hit harder, so start saving.