Funny Tonne

Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow

Review by Mika Tsoi

As events go, this is a big deal. Opening Night, Stephen K Amos and Cal Wilson hosting, at the Palais Theatre, sold out. As Coach Chandler would mumble through gritted teeth, 'Lotta lights; Lotta pageantry.' Because it's shown on TV, it has to look good. If you're sitting in the Orchestra section (just imagine I'm not humble bragging and this will all go smoother), like I was, you're told to smile and laugh in case you're shown in close up on TV. You don't want to be shown not laughing: that would be bad form.

Cal and Stephen (we're on a first name basis now) came out to warm up the crowd for when they came out for the cameras, then they did. After they played with the award ceremonies parody concept, Bob Downe sang a song. I should have taken note of what it was, because his delivery was excellent and the dancers and band were terrific. The set designers should get a raise. They put a working revolving door on stage.

The best part of an All Star show is that everyone gets four minutes. Some acts seem to get much much less and some much more; they get to touch on their Mykis or to wait in line at the Myki ticket machines behind a befuddled tourist. You'll find someone you really enjoy even if it's not the one who is on right now. I laughed and smiled to everything from Kyle Kinane, the Umbilical Brothers, Puppet Up!, Jen Kirkman, Sean Cullen, Hannah Gadsby and it would probably be shorter to list the ones I haven't noted down to see their full shows later.

I'd recommend you go, but it's a one time event. So, watch it on Channel Ten when it's on. You'll see Stephen K Amos give me a pie (this is just a brag, sorry). If someone asks if I want food, I usually say yes, and I did because I was so hungry. I only hope I was not laser focused on the pie enough to smile and laugh, or these reviews won't last long.