Funny Tonne

Bryony Kimmings Sex Idiot

Review by Mika Tsoi

When Chino from the Deftones first heard OK Computer, he said, 'I didn't know you could do that with music.' I didn't know you could do this with a show, let alone a performance art show.

Kimmings received a positive result from an STI test and freaked out. Being a performance artist, she made a show to reflect on her life choices. Unlike much performance art, it makes sense, is understandable, cohesive and enjoyable. Her doctor gave her an easy way out to tell former partners with an anonymous letter, but Kimmings chose to own it by sending personal messages. What's striking about this show is the outrageously high level of commitment Kimmings shows to each individual bit, whether dance or song or wearing outrageous hats. The climax of the show is simply breathtaking, involving scissors, Jack Daniels and sello tape.

As it was recommended to me, so I recommend it to you. If the title alone makes you uncomfortable, maybe give it a miss; the show is rather explicit in words and themes.