Funny Tonne

Sinful Stories

Review by Mika Tsoi

In a show dedicated to stories themed around the seven deadly sins, Steele Saunders, Bev Killick and Richard McKenzie told delightful stories about their greed. They and the MC, John Bennett, dealt ably with two loud, drunk hecklers who occasionally spoke English and were kicked out. Seeing Saunders and McKenzie bring back the rhythm and flow of their stories after being interrupted was impressive. In contrast to straight stand up, stories require a different mode of listening and enable a new source of laughs: the tension and thrill and catharsis of never knowing when a joke is coming. All the stories were wonderful and everyone who stayed till the end laughed in the right places. This show worked well even under such trying circumstances and is worth your time and money. I'm sure I don't need to remind you: at a show, don't be that guy.