Funny Tonne

El Jaguar The Rise of El Jaguar

Review by Mika Tsoi

Guys, I know you're looking for the killer show to motivate you to make the trip to Trades Hall. Here it is. I want to take the stars that I've given all the other shows and give them to this one, but I won't, they earned them and that wouldn't be fair. El Jaguar opens his show by saying that to enjoy the show you need to lower your expectations and I'm working directly against that. The ex-pat Canadian 17 yr experienced improv performer puts on a Mexican wrestling costume and then dispenses pearls of wisdom in a faux accent, in between addressing the awkward pauses. Last night, someone left because they're allergic to sulfides, giving an opportunity to hang out with an awkward pause, but sad because they missed the El Jaguar's entrance. Deserving the prize for longest and best audience interaction, El Jaguar searches for a new tag team partner, yielding such gems as the black swan spirit animal trash talk. This show was like a one on the ABC: it wins awards but no one is watching. That's where you come in. Go to Trades and experience the gloriousness that is El Jaguar.