More than a Festival

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is more than just a festival.

  • RAW Comedy

    Hundreds of wannabes from across the nation have signed up and worked their best five minutes in the spotlight as part of a rolling rotisserie of heats. Now, we've trimmed the fat to give you the funniest ... Continue Reading

  • Class Clowns

    Wise-crackers and juvenile jokers of Australia take control of the mic as our Class Clowns State Final winners battle it out to impress judges Glenn Robbins, Lawrence Leung, Celia Pacquola and Alison T ... Continue Reading

  • Deadly Funny / Deadly Funny Kids

    Now in its 7th year, Deadly Funny is the only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comedy program for Australia's traditional owners ... Continue Reading

  • Comedy ConFAB

    Comprising of three events - Jeez Louise, Talking Comedians Writing Books and Touring 101: Get Your Skates On, this is the place to be for those wanting a little or a larger slice of the comedy pie ... Continue Reading

  • Jeez Louise

    Jeez Louise, the brainchild of Linda Haggar, began in 2004 as a part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and 10 years on we're again proud to present Jeez Louise as a part of the festival - slightly re-frocked and as a part of our professional development initiative the Comedy ConFAB: A conference for people serious about their comedy ... Continue Reading

  • The Funny Tonne

    It's not quite the race that stops the nation, but this chase for chuckles is one mighty amusing challenge ... Continue Reading

  • Roadshow

    Our cast of intrepid travelling comedians is entertaining crowds all across Australia. You can be a part of the fun when we roll into your town with a huge show featuring some of the best from one ... Continue Reading