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The Comedy Festival Team

Festival Director/CEO Susan Provan
Executive Director Damien Hodgkinson

Associate Directors Bridget Bantick and Gideon James
Producer Rebecca Austin
Producer: Education and Development Programs Wes Snelling
Venues Operations Manager Jo O'Callaghan
Artists & Program Administrator Dan Giovannoni
Associate Producer - Indigenous Development Programs Nancy Bates
Producer RAW Comedy  Daniel Moore
Roadshow Producer Kylie Mitchell
Tours Coordinator Alana Hunt
Assistant Producer Festival Club Pieta Farrell
Company Managers Edwina Lunn, Laurinda Croft, Zuleika Scott, Hannah Norris, Anthony Noack

Televised Events Producer Nicole Dixon
TV Production Associates Ted Robinson & GNWTV; Andy McIntyre at Rocket Science Entertainment
Galas & Debate Set Design & Production Management Bluebottle
Special Events Lighting Design Phil Lethlean
Festival Club, RAW Comedy & Upfront Set Design Colin Mitchell

Finance Business Manager Rose Hosking
Finance Operations Manager Claire Fievez
Office Manager Jane Allsop 
Administration Assistants Amelia Evans, Anastasia Ryan
Festival Lawyers Marshalls & Dent 

Marketing Director Trudi Sheppard
Partnership Manager Denise Damianos
Campaigns Marketing Coordinator Erin Muller
Digital Marketing Coordinator Joel Mackenzie
Operations Marketing Coordinator Madeline Smith
Partnership & Events Coordinator Sarah Neville
Graphic Designer Lorna Hendry
Editor Andi Lawson-Moore 
Copywriters Emma Westwood, Erin Muller, Amaya Courtis 
National Publicity TS Publicity - Tatia Sloley, Mary Thompson, Emma Costello, Clare Anderson, Tiki Mengola
Media Buyer Millmaine Entertainment
Photography Jim Lee and Stano Murin
Design Actual Size; Millmaine Entertainment
Website Monkii Creative Technology

Technical Director Peter Labza
Production Managers Genevieve Cizevskis, Mel Rees, 'Disco' Stu Syme & Tom Abud
Production Admin Kiaya Edwards
Precinct Coordinators Zilla Morrow, Andrei Satcau, Travis Macfarlane, Nathalie Devilliers, Nathan Evers

Ticketing Operations Manager Lillian Birch
Assistant Ticketing Manager Gemma Cotterell
Venues Manager Brian Robertson
Assistant Venues Managers Thomas Noble, Natasha Commons, Anthony Fitzgerald, Birgit Siegel, Christina Critch
Spiegelmaestro David Bates & the Spiegel Famiglia: Michele and Persephone Bates d'Arbela