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The Funny Tonne

Funny Tonne

Since 2005, The Funny Tonne has dared three die-hard fanatics of funny to go head to head in a race to see the most Comedy Festival shows and win the Funny Tonne title.

In 2014 Chris Menezies smashed the record with 158 shows!

With a special Comedy Passport in hand successful applicants will defy all sensible logic in this Amazing Race of Australian comedy.

It's not quite the race that stops the nation, but this chase for chuckles is one mighty amusing challenge.

The Reviewers

Daniel Paproth

36 reviews

Daniel Paproth is a 24-year-old comedy obsessive living in Brunswick.

His interest in live comedy started with a Wil Anderson show back in 2006 and has grown ever since. When MICF is not on, you will often find him at comedy nights at Spleen, the Imperial or Portland Hotel. He has written about comedy for the Melbourne Weekly, the New Daily and the Weekly Review.

He tweets @pappy90

Leighton Kaiwai

32 reviews

Leighton is a dedicated fan of stand-up comedy.

Outside of the festival, he spends most of his time at open-mic venues scattered throughout the city, listening to local comedians' podcasts, and working on his own material.

His favourite comedians include Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Harley Breen and Sam Simmons.

He tweets @LeightonKaiwai

Sarah Trevarthen

51 reviews

Sarah grew up in the UK, so is a big fan of classic British comedy - the more absurd the better - and especially loves Monty Python, Father Ted & Blackadder.

She started going to live comedy after moving to Melbourne and, with husband Noel, is a regular at comedy nights around the city. However, MICF is the time that her comedy geekiness comes to the fore, and she managed to see 108 shows in 2014.

When she's not watching comedy, Sarah spends her time working as an environmental consultant.

She tweets @SJT242

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