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Artist  Date & Time Venue
Adam Hills
Saturday 18 April, 5pm Athenaeum Theatre 
Anne Edmonds
Saturday 18 April, 6pm Portico Room MTH
A Dinner to Die For
Friday 17 April, 7.30pm Retreat Hotel 
Corey White
Friday 17 April & Saturday 18 April, 7.15pm Portland Hotel   
Dave Thornton
Saturday 18 April, 11pm BELOW ACMI
David Quirk
Friday 17 April, 10.45pm Fast Times
Dilruk Jayasinha
Sat 18, 10.45pm & Sun 19 April, 7.15pm Games Room, ACMI
Dr Brown
Saturday 18 April, 10.45pm Fairfax Arts Centre Melbourne
Hannah Gadsby
Sunday 19 April, 4.30pm Lower Town Hall MTH
Heidi O'Loughlin

Saturday 18 April, 9.45pm Portico Room MTH
Jason Byrne
Friday 17 & Saturday 18 April, 11pm Forum Downstairs
Jen Kirkman
Saturday 18 April, 8.30pm Cloak Room MTH
Juan Vesuvius

16 - 18 April, 9.45pm Tuxedo Cat
Karl Chandler

Sunday 19 April, 4.45PM Vics Bar, Victoria Hotel
Lawrence Mooney
Saturday 18 April, 11pm Powder Room MTH
Law Review: No Regerts
Thursday 16 April, 9.45pm Quilt Room Trades Hall
Matt Okine
Friday 17 April, 11pm Supper Room MTH
Nazeem Hussain
Sat 18 April, 9.15pm + Sun 19, 4.30pm Main Hall MTH
Nellie White Idiot Dick
14 - 18 April, 8.30pm  Bull and Bear Tavern 
Nick Cody
Fri 17 9.45pm + Sat 18 April 11pm ACMI Cube
Ronny Chieng
Sat 18 + Sun 19 April, 4.30pm Main Hall MTH
Russell Kane
Sunday 19 April, 7:30pm Portico Room, MTH
The Stevenson Experience
Sunday 19 April, 7.30pm Lunch Room MTH
Tommy Little
Saturday 18 April, 8.15pm  BEYOND ACMI