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Guy Montgomery Guy Montcomedy (NZ)

Guy Montgomery Guy Montcomedy (NZ)

Guy Montgomery is an award-winning comedian, improviser and screenwriter, who is tragically best known as co-host of the international smash podcast 'The Worst Idea of All Time'.

Guy Montcomedy is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival solo debut of the 'hilarious and potentially crazy' (gather&hunt, NZ) Guy. A stand-up comedian in the style of everyone you like or 'a contemporary, very funny version of the classic good old Kiwi bloke' (TV3) if you will, his surreal style of bemoaning the everyday has fast won him praise and awards in his native New Zealand. He is also getting better at writing in the third person although sometimes I slip up.

An hour of jokes and stories, steeped in banal observation and decorated with fanciful nonsense, presented by a man equally limber in body and language.

'Think of the weirdest joke that ever made you laugh, then times it by ten.' TheatreScenes (NZ)

Suitable for audiences 16+

Wheelchair Access not available Wednesday 30 March in the Carpet Room, and Wednesday 6 April in the Ladies Lounge.



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