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Rose Callaghan Rose Before Hoes


Rose Callaghan Rose Before Hoes

Rose Before Hoes is the debut solo stand-up show from Melbourne-based comedian Rose Callaghan (triple j, Nova, ABC). 

This is a very poignant comedy show that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and leave you with a very deep message inside your heart that will change the path of your life.

That, or a lot of sex stories, obscure hip-hop references and some insight into what it's like to be diagnosed with ADHD as a 32-year-old woman (bad).

Rose is co-host of the popular podcast 'Swipe Night' and has been featured in a College Humour listicle about psycho online dating profiles.

But let's be honest, you just came here because of the show title.

'Honest stand-up from a charming host. Funny and likeable, you'll want to have a beer with her afterwards to pontificate life's problems.' Herald Sun

'Hilarious.' Pedestrian.TV

Suitable for audiences 18+



  • Fearless, funny and brutally honest
  • Fist punching in the air brilliant
    7th Apr 2016
  • Rose Callaghan’s comedy journey is very much on the up and up
    12th Apr 2016

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