Deadly Funny 2007

Deadly Funny 2007 is over!

The Grand Final, held on Saturday April 21st at Melbourne Town Hall went off! Competitors Mia Stanford, Shiralee Hood, Darren Parker, Greg Fryer, Josie Atkinson, Allirra Edwards and Max McGuire rocked a capacity crowd with laughter, compered by the amazing Sean Choolburra.

All competitors were fantastic giving the judges a tough job in announcing an overall winner. Congratulations to all competitors but it was Mia Stanford who has become the first Deadly Funny champion receiving a deadly trophy and $1000. Shiralee Hood and Darren Parker were joint second place.

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander comedy is alive and well with 264 punters laughing their MOOM off! Stay tuned to this page for information about Deadly Funny 2008.

In the meantime check out below to see what happened in 2007:

Deadly Funny 2007

Are you the funniest indigenous person in Victoria? Deadly Funny wants you!

Deadly Funny is a new comedy competition for indigenous Victorians. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is sending out some of our funniest comedians to ATSI communities in every corner of the state, to hold workshops and community showcase gigs with up and coming indigenous performers.

The best of the best will play off at the Deadly Funny Grand Final, in the Melbourne Town Hall during the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival - for the chance to win $1000 cash and a deadly trophy!

If you can tell a joke or funny story for 5 minutes or less, it could be you!

Deadly Funny is totally free for participants, and a unique opportunity for Victoria’s ATSI peoples to come together, to celebrate their own distinctive humour, and also get an exclusive joke doctoring from some of Australia’s funniest professionals.

How it works

Nominate yourself on the registration form now. And then wait for us to email you back – in early January we’re going to set up a schedule of days in 5 locations throughout regional Victoria, nearest to wherever interested community members are.

As a Deadly Funny participant, you will go through 3 stages:

  1. The Audition Day
  2. The Gig

Grand Final.

The Grand Final
Two weeks before the Grand Final, all the finalists from the 5 regions we’ve gone to, will come to Melbourne for another day of workshopping with Festival comedians.

You should still do the same act you did at the local gig, but there’s always room for improvement!

Then the big day: the Grand Final in the Melbourne Town Hall during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. The best act on the day will win $1000 cash and a deadly trophy!

The gigs and the Grand Final are judged by comedy industry professionals and local community leaders. You can read the judging policy here

Who can enter? How much does it cost?

Deadly Funny is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders resident in Victoria, who are not fully professional comedy performers.

Entry is free. Lunch is provided at the Audition Day. A travel allowance will be paid to regional finalists coming to Melbourne for the Grand Final workshop day.

Tickets to the local gig and the Grand Final will cost something, but not much.

What can I do?

Pretty much anything, as long as it’s funny: stand-up, sketch, musical, just have a funny yarn. If you’re not sure, sign up and come to the Audition anyway. I bet our Festival comedian can make it funny.

Any questions?

Phone Jason Tamiru on 03 9417 7711 or email him on


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.