Deadly Funny 2008

Deadly Funny 2008 is over, with a packed Grand Final at the Lower Town Hall as one of the highlights of Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The winner of Deadly Funny 2008 is Kevin Kropinyeri from South Australia who won $2,000 and the Deadly Funny trophy. Congratulations also go the joint second place winners - Victorian Shiralee Hood and South Australian Warren Milera.

The MC for the evening was the impressive Sean Choolburra proving to everyone he is the most accomplished Indigenous stand-up performer in Australia. Last year's Deadly Funny winner Mia Stanford also entertained the audience. There were 13 acts in total hailing from Victoria, Adelaide and Western Australia - it was a great show. Congratulations to all competitors as each one proudly represented their people and community.

Continuing on from this massive success Deadly Funny grows in force throughout the nation and promises to be even deadlier in 2009.

If you want to find out more, please give your details below and Deadly Funny Producer, Jason Tamiru will be in touch.

Deadly Funny - Laugh your MOOM off!

Once registered you will be advised to when your Deadly Funny workshop is on and what is required.


Workshops provide Deadly Funny contestants the opportunity to get their Deadly Funny joke or yarn workshopped by a professional Stand-Up Comedian. The workshops provide deadly tips and advice on your writing and performance. The workshops also provide confidence to perform in front of an audience. Workshops take out the shame aye.
It's easy don't sweat it okay!

What can I do?

Pretty much anything, as long as it's Deadly Funny: Stand-Up, musical, joke or a funny yarn. If you're not sure, sign up and come to the workshop anyway. I bet our workshop Stand-Up Comedian can make it Deadly Funny.

Workshops where?

Deadly Funny workshops will be held in all Victorian Aboriginal regions, Perth and Adelaide city and suburbs. We'll advise the closest workshop to where you live and if you can't get there we may even pick you up. Deadly Funny also plans to expand to other States so register your interest and we will let you know if the Deadly Funny workshops are in your
town or city.

Common you mob sign up!

Any questions?

Phone Deadly Funny Producer Jason Tamiru on 03 9245 3700 or email him on

Come on you mob sign up and lets put on a show that our community will be proud of.
Deadly Funny - Laugh Your MOOM off!

Jason Tamiru
Producer Deadly Funny
Yorta Yorta.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Deadly Funny very gratefully acknowledges the personal donations of Lydia Miller and Mark Bin Bakar.

2008 Deadly Funny Grand Final, Melbourne Town Hall Pics

MC Sean Choolburra

2008 Deadly Funny Grand Final Contestants with Producer Jason Tamiru and MC Sean Choolburra

Kevin Kropinyeri 2008 Winner

2008 Equal Second Place Winner Shiralee Hood

2008 Equal Second Place Winner Warren Milera

Contestant Cheryl Harrison

Contestant Cy Fahey

Contestant Josie Atkinson

Contestant Warren Milera

Feature Act & 2007 Deadly Funny Winner Mia Stanford1212025924miastanford.jpg