Deadly Funny 2009

Australia's only comedy competition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Deadly Funny took place on April 18 at the Capitol Theatre, Melbourne

With representatives from Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth (Sydney representative a late withdrawal), Deadly Funny had over 350 punters laughing their MOOMS off!

Finalists included:

John Packham (SA)

Philip Saunders (SA)

Ingo Collard (WA)

Shiralee Hood (VIC)

Darren Parker (VIC)

Cy Fahey (VIC)

Margie Tang (VIC)

Uncle Phil (VIC)

Marlene Cummins (NSW)

(Late withdrawal)

MC Sean Choolburra thrilled the crowd with his comedic skills proving to all that he is one of Australia's most versatile performers. Feature Act Kevin Kropinyeri almost stole the show showing why he was last years Deadly Funny National Champion.

MC Sean Choolburra

Feature Act Kevin Kropinyeri


Judges included Toby Sullivan, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Andy Goodone, Director/Performer, Diat Alferink, Cultural Director Kurruru SA, Derek Nannup, Deadly Funny Coordinator WA & Lional Austin, Producer/Tour Manager.

The competition was described as one of the best ever with the judges having extreme difficulty in selecting the overall winner, announcing Shiralee Hood (VIC) the 2009 Deadly Funny National Winner, taking home a whopping cheque worth $2000 and a Deadly Funny National Champion trophy. Runners up included Ingo Collard, with a special mention also going to Philip Saunders (SA)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stand-up comedy has arrived in a big way with Deadly Funny providing up and coming black comedians an opportunity in stand-up comedy.
Deadly Funny offers workshops facilitated by the Comedy Festival performers with Deadly Funny State Finals produced by Comedy Festival Producers.
Keep your eyes open for Deadly Funny Show or workshop because Deadly Funny hopes to be rolled out Nationally in 2010.

For any further information of assistance in sourcing a comedian or show, contact Deadly Funny Producer Jason Tamiru (Yorta Yorta) at Melbourne International Comedy Festival on 03 9245 3700.

Deadly Funny-Laugh Your MOOM Off!

What is Deadly Funny?

Deadly Funny is an indigenous comedy competition that celebrates the distinctive unique humour of Indigenous Australians. With quality comedy workshops and professional comedy shows staring no hot shots just true community people, straight up Deadly Funny is the deadliest comedy show.


Workshops provide Deadly Funny contestants the opportunity to get their Deadly Funny joke or yarn workshopped by a professional Stand-Up Comedian. The workshops provide deadly tips and advice on your writing and performance. The workshops also provide confidence to perform in front of an audience. Workshops take out the shame ay.
It's easy don't sweat it okay!

What can I do?

Pretty much anything, as long as it's Deadly Funny: Stand-Up, musical, joke or a funny yarn. All you need to do is get a 5minute performance together and turn up to a comedy workshop. Our workshop Stand-Up Comedian will not change your style just give you some deadly pointers.

Any questions?

Contact your Deadly Funny State partner


Phone Deadly Funny Producer Jason Tamiru on 03 9245 3700 or email him on

Come on you mob sign up and lets put on a show that our community will be proud of.
Deadly Funny - Laugh Your MOOM off!



This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Jason Tamiru
Producer Deadly Funny
Yorta Yorta.