The Melbourne International Comedy Festival offers a range of advertising options for stakeholders wishing to communicate to the comedy audience.


Website Advertising 

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival website attracts a high volume of traffic. During the Festival off-season, the site can attract up to 1000 hits per day. During the Festival peak periods, unique visitation to the site can attract between 10,000 - 30,000 visits. Peak days during the Festival can attract up to 60,000 unique visitors.

Advertising is available on both the Corporate Site (outside of Festival season) and the Season Site. The season site is live from mid-February to the end of the festival and there are various options for advertising.


Program Guide Advertising

You can download the rate card and specs for 2013 Program Guide Advertising here.

Download the Acrobat OAP_ID.joboptions and .ICC files for creating program guide advertisements here.


If you have any advertising queries, please contact Catriona Rabl, Marketing Manager, on or +61 3 9245 3700.