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Funny Tonne

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival wants to know - Can they crack The Funny Tonne?

Going from zero to hero, extreme punters will be eclipsing the 100-show mark when they sign up for the annual Funny Tonne.

It's the 'Amazing Race' of comedy, where contestants battle it out to consume as many shows as (in)humanly possible.

Last year's mother/son team, Lyn and Brian Williams, topped a staggering 172 shows - is it possible to do moreā€¦ is it? IS IT?!

Each contestant (after spending a night in front of the comedy stage) will write reviews on the shows they have seen.

Check back here to read their reviews and check out their ratings...

Joseph is a bland, anal-retentive public servant with (unsurprisingly) no social activities scheduled for April. Too spineless to create his own comedy show, he'll happily use the spare time to pass fleeting judgment on the blood, sweat and tears of others. You want ten of his stars? You better work!

118 reviews

Kristy's a student who's as fond of comedy as she is of Sale of the Century type introductions. Her aspirations include the permanent acquisition of the funny tonne record, world domination, and "growing up". Oh, and a pony. A pony would be awesome.

102 reviews

Each year, Jess spends most of April at the Comedy Festival, and spends the rest of the year waiting for the next Comedy festival. Her passions include comedy, food, drinks, travel, and talking about comedy, food, drinks and travel. Her favourite comedians are Daniel Kitson, Wil Anderson and Adam Hills.

79 reviews

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