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Joseph is a bland, anal-retentive public servant with (unsurprisingly) no social activities scheduled for April. Too spineless to create his own comedy show, he'll happily use the spare time to pass fleeting judgment on the blood, sweat and tears of others. You want ten of his stars? You better work!

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The Shambles

8 / 10

I really enjoyed this show. It was certainly shambolic, but the three guys are all so charismatic and quick on their feet that any looseness could easily be overlooked as playfulness. Sos, Valvo and Lynchy are all well known (in analogue TV circles) for their Channel 31 sketch show, but it’s on stage that they really shine. Beginning with a dance routine to shock and awe, they proceeded to hold a contest for the King of The Shambles, as selected by a jury of audience members. Along the way there was interpretive dance with a shocking end, some god-awful impressions, the appearance of a few favourite characters from the TV show, and some high-quality video clips which connected it all.

These guys were clearly enjoying themselves which the audience too found infectious. Bravo.

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