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Funny Tonne

Since 2005, the Funny Tonne has dared three die-hard fanatics of funny to go head-to-head in a race to see the most Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows and win the Funny Tonne title!

The current Funny Tonne record holder is Sarah Trevarthen, who smashed it in 2015 with 178 shows! In 2016 Jeremy MacPherson won the Funny Tonne with 158 shows. Will 2017's competitors achieve a new record?!

With a special Comedy Passport in hand, successful applicants will defy all sensible logic in this 'Amazing Race' of Australian comedy, creating sleepless schedules of back-to-back shows all Festival long, posting reviews along the way. It’s not quite the race that stops the nation, but this chase for chuckles is one mighty amusing challenge! The Funny Tonne reviews are posted on the Festival website daily once the Festival kicks off.

The Reviewers

William Erskine

97 reviews

Originally from the UK, Will has lived in Melbourne for just over 5 years and has been obsessed with the Comedy Festival ever since. His favourite comedians include Stewart Lee, Neil Hamburger and Neal Portenza and his favourite MICF show ever was Dr Brown - Befrdfgth, which he saw 3 times. Will also met his fiancee, April, at MICF in 2014, she was working front of house at ACMI and he was seeing a show! By day Will is an IT Consultant, currently taking a break from work to enjoy the finer things in life.

Jonathan Brennan

58 reviews

This year marks the fourth Comedy Festival Jonathan has attended since moving to Melbourne from Adelaide. In addition to being a comedy enthusiast, his other interests include wine and Netflix.

Jacki Hope

88 reviews

Jacki Hope is a US-born, UK-based freelance writer and stand-up comedian. Her comedic style has been described as "very female" and her writing style as "Harry Potter fan fiction". This will be Jacki's third year attending MICF and she's still never eaten kangaroo.

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