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D.A. Completely Improvised Potter


D.A. Completely Improvised Potter

The creators of smash hit Completely Improvised Shakespeare are proud to present the all new Completely Improvised Potter. After a completely sold out Melbourne Fringe Festival season in 2016, they will put their galleons where their mouths are: laugh or your money back. Really!

The D.A. solemnly swear that they are up to no good as they improvise new Harry Potter adventures before your very eyes. Using only a suggestion from the audience of what could've been the title of a Harry Potter book, but wasn't, Completely Improvised Potter will create a story that takes place over a year at Hogwarts. Meet new Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, learn spells and defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

More magical than Merlin and funnier than a trip to Zonko’s Joke Shop, Completely Improvised Potter features some of the finest improvisers Melbourne has to offer in one of the most elaborate pieces of fan fiction you'll ever see. The show is different every night and is sure to charm Gryffindors and Slytherins alike.

Praise for Soothplayers’ work:

'Soothplayers’ rowdy, hilarious performances are incredibly enjoyable and kind of astounding.' The Age

'A sure bet.' Herald Sun


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