Ben Pobjie Degrassi Junior High: The Dining Experience

Ben Pobjie Degrassi Junior High: The Dining Experience

Degrassi Junior High: The Dining Experience is a multimedia comedy extravaganza that simultaneously celebrates and deconstructs comedy itself. What is comedy? What is laughter? Why is this man standing on stage yelling at us? Whence cometh his feverish lust for the approval of strangers? Why is this show called Degrassi Junior High: The Dining Experience? All these questions and more will remain unanswered, for this show is not about reaching comfortable conclusions – it is about embodying the distinctly uncomfortable nature of existence in a whirling, disorienting kaleidoscope of comedy, taking in satire, surrealism, slapstick, self-loathing and whimsy.

Ben Pobjie creates whole new worlds on stage, nourishing both body and soul with an artistic masterpiece that breaks down the human experience into bite-size pieces and posts them to his enemies. A show that reboots madness itself and brings new meaning to the word 'Norwegian'.

If you have ever wondered what it's like to eat a Swiss roll in the nude, in front of your entire extended family, while being slowly folded into a paper aeroplane by a malevolent monkey god, this show is not much like that, but it sort of captures the spirit of the thing.

'Pobjie bundles all kinds of comic devices together into a brilliant hilarious mess.' Australian Stage

'Hilarious and somewhat disturbing.' Squirrel Comedy

'If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning.' Mark Twain


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