2017 Moosehead Award Recipient

Michael Williams Escape from a 90s Educational CD-ROM!

2017 Moosehead Award Recipient

Michael Williams Escape from a 90s Educational CD-ROM!

‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’ was a state-of-the-art CD-ROM that rivalled Microsoft Encarta. It had 30,000 articles, thousands of images, hundreds of videos and MIDI files of every single national anthem. A kid could really lose a weekend exploring Hello Learning.

Or two decades.

This is the story of Michael Williams. A 12-year-old boy who was zapped inside his copy of ‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’ and was never released. A boy who 23 years later, grew into a man who was still stuck inside his copy of ‘Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994’. He knows nothing of the modern world. His friends are pictures of historical people, his job is reading as much as he can and his free time is spent writing a musical about Colonel Sanders. Life is mundane but whose isn’t?

One day, while Michael is out for a walk through the encyclopaedia he comes across some corrupted files and when he notices that the corruption is in fact spreading, time is running out and since nobody came to save him, Michael decides that it is time to ESCAPE FROM A 90s CD-ROM!

The first play from visual comedian Michael Williams combines animation with live theatre. Michael seamlessly interacts with the characters and events on screen.

Celebrating over a decade in comedy, Michael Williams has performed all over Australia and the UK with his unique combination of jokes and visuals.  He also hosts two popular podcasts – ‘It’s A Duck Blur’ and ‘Pop Quiz Hot Shot’.

This show is a 2017 Moosehead Award Recipient.

'Williams displays a genius for reductive absurdism and is unlike any other comedian I’ve seen. His take on the world around him creates joyous results, if you can get on board, it’s a hell of a ride.' Chortle

'Michael Williams has been a popular local performer for a long time, anyone who sees him can’t help but love his work, and it’s time he was rescued from his rock of obscurity and was appreciated by a wider audience. I can see his comic ability with graphics working beautifully on TV. This is a fabulous, funny adorable show from Michael and something I can definitely recommend.' Squirrel Comedy



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