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Born Lucky Productions

Gillian English is A Bitter Shrew (CAN)

Born Lucky Productions

Gillian English is A Bitter Shrew (CAN)

Gillian English has farted herself awake in a strangers bed, taken a pregnancy test in a food court bathroom, and watched her 26 year old boyfriend almost die from a heart-attack. All the ingredients to make her A Bitter Shrew. Catch celebrated Canadian storyteller Gillian English as she presents her brand-new show for a limited run.

'Gillian English knows how to paint a vivid story without any of the ususal one person tricks with voice and posture changing although on occasion she proved she is very good at accents. (Look out Meryl Streep)... Gillian English is a wonderful storyteller engaging the audience and reacting to our reactions as we gasped or fell out of our seats laughing.It had an intimate feel; like we were sitting at a bar as she recounts this life-changing incident in her life.' Hi!Drama New York

'Delicious and triumphant!' NY Theater Now

'Hysterically funny!' Manhattan With A Twist


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