A token event

Hannah Gadsby Nanette

A token event

Hannah Gadsby Nanette

Three time Nominee Best Comedy Performance Helpmann Award

Nominee Barry Award 2011 & 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals

As seen on ABC TV’s Please Like Me

“Hello. I have another show for you. This show was inspired by a woman who goes by the name Nanette. Although we did not exchange a single word or even a glance, Nanette has changed my life. She hasn’t at all, but she did prompt me to think about some things and those things I thought have become this show. Cool stuff.”

In this past year Hannah has decided to embrace solitude, determined to see what harvest may come from nurturing her left field life. And what a strange little harvest, as her new show Nanette will attest. 

There’s the jam she once made from a melon bought at a roadside stall for the sole purpose of being able to give people a jar of 'John Cougar Melon Jam'. Then there’s her obsession with the colour blue, which all began with a road trip. This prompted her to adopt a 'blue clothes only' policy, which then lead to her ordering a rare blue pigment from Afghanistan, which in turn got her practicing the art of egg tempera... and then she found herself attempting to convert the cubby house in her backyard into a scale model of her favourite renaissance chapel —  but with skylights so it can double as a greenhouse.

As one of Australia’s most applauded and beloved comedians, don’t miss your chance to be spellbound by the inner workings of Hannah’s unique mind.

'Gadsby’s show is beautifully earnest, honestly hilarious and surprisingly informative on matters of mental health, violence against women and the world of art history. ★★★★'  Out in Perth

'Gadsby is so loved that we should put her profile on all new Australian coins. ★★★★½' The Age

'Just wonderful… such warmth, such candour, such intelligence and so many, many laughs. ★★★★★' The Scotsman

A show for proper adults. 18+



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