Crowded presents

Claire Sullivan I Wish I Owned A Hotel For Dogs

Crowded presents

Claire Sullivan I Wish I Owned A Hotel For Dogs

I Wish I Owned A Hotel For Dogs is a joyous freewheel through Claire Sullivan’s original, unpretentious, odd comedy brain. Jumping from one piece to another with frenetic energy, Claire seizes the audience via dogs, feminism, the inner-monologues of joggers, a dog show, gross poetry, absurd short stories, dogs and more dogs.

Not really a stand-up show, not really a sketch show, this is the show for weird comedy and dog lovers alike.

Please note: sadly, there will not be any actual dogs present in the show.

The show enjoyed a sell-out season at the Courthouse Hotel during the 2016 Melbourne Fringe.

As heard on Triple J's Good Az Friday broadcast, and seen on Channel 31.

Part of monthly experimental comedy show Po Po Mo Co at Hares and Hyenas.

'Sullivan erupts onto the stage like a whirlwind, and blasts away any preconceived notions of who or what comedy should be. She is charming, and unpretentious, and most of all effortlessly funny.' In Batmania

'A manic, glittery whirlwind of theatre and comedy.' Aphra Magazine

'One of the sunniest, most unpretentiously fun shows of the festival.' The Music

'Seeing Claire Sullivan perform is a little dangerous.' Women’s Agenda


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