Jeeves Verma It's My Chapati and I'll Cry If I Want To

Jeeves Verma It's My Chapati and I'll Cry If I Want To

“Hurry Up! Settle down and get married.”

According to Jeeves’ mother, if you are 31, Indian and single, you are either someone who hasn’t found time to start a family because you’re too busy making money, or you’re a loser. And Jeeves knows he isn’t rich.

This show is Jeeves’ hour-long rebuttal to his mother – and the sequel to his debut show He’s Just Not That India – but one of those sequels where you don’t really need to watch the first one because it’s awesome all by itself... like, Mad Max Fury Road or Ghostbusters 2.

The pressure of looking good is way too real in the Indian community and Jeeves is out to challenge those expectations using personal anecdotes, some audience interaction and a little bit of math.

Ageing and beauty; drugs and Tinder; share houses and the morning-after pill: these are only some of the themes covered in Jeeves’ family-friendly show.

The show performed to sold-out crowds at the 2016 Sydney Comedy Festival.

Recommended for anyone who has parents, is single and desperate and for parents who have single, rebellious children in their 30s.

About Jeeves:

Jeeves Verma, a comedian local to the Sydney City region for the last eight years, has a background in performing sketch comedy and stand-up from his uni days, when he was “wasting his time" studying Medicine. He spent his childhood in libraries, secretly reading textbooks on anatomy. His father forced him into university revues and was made to write five minute sets all weekend long for the comedy society. While the other good Indian boys out there were all having fun, in their rooms, studying Physiology, Jeeves was practicing punchlines in front of surly white people in a bar, somewhere. Jeeves, now having given up on the medical dream, tells stories about his life to whomever will listen.

Since then he has performed stand-up, sketch and acted in a number of Sydney Comedy and Sydney Fringe Festival shows for the last three years. He has been a RAW Comedy NSW State Finalist, runs a weekly trivia night in Camperdown and a fortnightly open mic night in Kingsford. Jeeves also keeps up with his love for sketch comedy by releasing sketches for his group, the Comedy Gift Shop.

Jeeves' Reviews:

'Jeeves Verma is everything I need in a stand-up. Confident, charming and very, very funny.' Dave Collins, The Umbilical Brothers

'A very charming comic... I sincerely hope he did get approached by the group of women sitting towards the front after the show .' The AU Review

'There’s something endearing about this moustachioed teddy-bear of a man.' Herald Sun

Please note, the following performances will be filmed: Fri 7 Apr & Sat 8 Apr.

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