Josh Earl Oliver Up A Tree

Josh Earl Oliver Up A Tree

A brand-new children's show from award-winning comedian Josh Earl (Host of Spicks and Specks, 3RRRFM Breakfasters, ABC3 Stand and Deliver, Mebourne International Comedy Festival Opening Night Allstars Supershow) about a small town, a big problem and the creativity of a curious boy who brings them all together.

Oliver James lived right in the middle of Greyston Road. Not right in the middle of the road, that would be very bad planning, and quite dangerous, but off to the side of the road, next to the footpath. In a house. House 145 to be exact. Oliver lived there with his parents, whose names were Mum and Dad (they had other names, real names, but they never told him what they were, and besides, when he said “Mum” or “Dad”, they always answered) 

Oliver was an only child. His Mum had thought about getting him a dog to keep him company but then as she was having that thought she got interrupted by a television commercial for laundry detergent and when she tried to remember what it was she should buy Oliver to keep him company, she got slightly confused and bought him a mop instead. 

An hilarious new show full of songs, stories, silliness and 100 tiny teddy bears.

'Hilarious and lovely. ★★★★½' Beat Magazine

'Truly hilarious. ★★★★' Herald Sun


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