Tim Batt Ladies and Gentlemen (NZ)

Tim Batt Ladies and Gentlemen (NZ)

Tim Batt is finally coming to Melbourne. Again. I mean he was there last year and the year before that but I've seen the ticket sales and most likely, you didn't attend. Well, here's another chance for you to see a comedian who's won awards (including Best Newcomer at 2014 New Zealand Comedy Festival and Outstanding Achievement from 2015 NZ Comedy Guild) and has been nominated for even more awards (Billy Ts in 2015 and 2016). He's performed in NYC, LA, Melbourne and all over New Zealand. But what exactly is Tim Batt? He is a collection of atoms assembled just right to do comedy things like start a global smash hit podcast with his mate called 'The Worst Idea of All Time' which has been downloaded over five million times.

But what's his stand-up like? A fair question. Some reviewers have called him  "one of the brightest young comedians the Southern Hemisphere's seen in yonks" and "Incredibly refreshing, honest and relatable – a must-see at this year's comedy gala" and one said "Batt's reactive opinions are on par with George Carlin and Bill Hicks, but the aggression of these late comics is replaced with a youthful and almost optimistic exuberance".

Take a pinch of politics, a dollop of absurdism, liberal sprinklings of observation, half a teaspoon of self-effacing humour and season with social commentary and you know what you have? A terrible recipe. All of those abstract concepts work on the page, but not in a kitchen. They do however go some way to accurately describing Tim’s comedy DNA.

In this brand new hour of stand-up Tim will be using his trademark wits and frail skinny body to entertain you with observations about the state of the world and the state of his life. There's a really great bit about Jehovah's Witnesses, that much I promise you.

$5 Preview night tickets available here.


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