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Darien Brown Lumourous - CANCELLED

Aspy Productions

Darien Brown Lumourous - CANCELLED

Unfortunately this show has been cancelled.

From the beginning up to now aspy comedian Darien Brown has spent the last 6½ years honing his craft on stage, despite people telling him that he would never amount to anything. Now he’s back for his third show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Darien over the last few years has really made a name for himself slowly building up a fan base as he has performed around various parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and one gig in Los Angeles – not to mention a few charity gigs under his belt performing for charities such as Beyond The Square and Don’t Dis My Ability.

This is a show about life and its forms and how the universe can often surprise you.

'Very personal.' Comedy On Collins

'He not only keeps the laughs rolling, but also makes you think.' Comedy On Collins

'Makes you laugh at your own ignorance.'


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