Enter Closer & Crowded present

Gearard McGeown & Cait Johnson Mucho Relaxo Melbo

Enter Closer & Crowded present

Gearard McGeown & Cait Johnson Mucho Relaxo Melbo

Gearard McGeown (RAW Comedy NSW Finalist, Breakout Showcase Sydney Comedy Festival) and Cait Johnson (Sydney Comedy Festival, BA LLB GDip) bring a new show to Melbourne. For the last time they will be splitting a bill before they both go on to make it big time (probably in space).

Gearard and Cait met at an open mic at a comedy club called the Laugh Garage that weirdly went bankrupt within a year of them both starting stand-up (not connected) but what they lost in stage time they made up with friendship.

Gearard has been hitting every dive bar open mic for four straight years and performing live in every corner of this rat nest we call a country earning him the nickname Gearard live.

Everything in his life, if you can call this existence a life, has led to this doing this show. Immediately after this he will have to go back to his horrible labouring job, so come see this show so at least I can go back to the site with a few stories for the boys.

Cait Johnson has been doing stand-up for almost exactly the same amount of time as Gearard. She has also honed her skills at numerous venues throughout the country including, but not limited to, shipping containers, living rooms, stairwells, bowling club bistros and more. 

She was once described by a reliable emcee as "pretty nice" but that doesn't mean she's not afraid to tell it like it is. So buckle up audiences! 

She'd genuinely love to see you there.

'Gearard's jokes came thick and fast and the set was fun, lighthearted, naughty and subversive.' Weekend Notes

'[Cait Johnson] The funniest, by far.' Adelaide Advertiser


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