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Presented by Alexina Grace

Erin Hutchinson Please Come Closer (Don't Touch Me)

Presented by Alexina Grace

Erin Hutchinson Please Come Closer (Don't Touch Me)

Girls love only boys..... or at least that's what they teach you in Year 8 Sex Ed. 

This is a show about getting drunk off one Bacardi Breezer in your friend's backyard when you were 15. A show about first dates at Gloria Jeans and ballroom dancing classes. A show about writing love songs but being too scared to hold a boy's hand. A show about growing up in the mid-noughties when everything was overdramatic, confusing and we all had a crush on Ryan Atwood. Or was it maybe Marissa? Or Rory? Or Peyton?

Please Come Closer (Don't Touch Me) is an intimate, funny and educational journey through the songs, short stories and novel that Erin Hutchinson wrote as a teenager. Now that Erin wears a lot of flannel and is no longer the only Janis Ian at the pool party, how does she relate to those stories?

What does it mean to grow up without enough exposure to queer voices and how does that shape our perception of love, sex and relationships?

Wear your best Supré outfit, throw on some butterfly clips and we'll party like someone just hit play on the new So Fresh Hits of Summer 2006.

'Seriously blown away, couldn't stop beaming through the whole thing.' Tessa Waters (WOMANz)


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