George Dimarelos Self-Sabotage

George Dimarelos Self-Sabotage

Have you ever made a mistake that you instantly regretted?

And then made that same mistake when you really should know better?

Then done it a third time and realized you suffer from deep, terrifying psychological issues?

Then this show's for you!

After a sellout run at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, internationally touring Melbourne comedian George Dimarelos is back! This time he’s here to give you a taste of what it really means to Self-Sabotage, or as he likes to put it, “Judas yourself”*.

By taking you on a tour that ranges from small instances of indecision to large moments of emotional insanity, George gives the audience the chance to compare their own lives and realise things aren’t as bad as they thought - at least they didn’t leave their dignity lying naked on a Scottish mountaintop.

So come along and justify all the mistakes George has made in his life! Otherwise it’ll just be him standing in an empty room listing all the reasons why he’s a failure, something he already does more than enough of as he lies in bed alone every single night.

“Effervescent charm…supreme authenticity ****1/2". The Music

“Well-crafted tales…clever and fun ****". The Edinburgh Reporter

*George has never put anything like that


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