Catlovers Sex $ells?


Catlovers Sex $ells?

Catlovers Lily Starr and Alex Reynolds are hitting the stage after the success of their sold out 2015/16 Sydney Fringe shows. They have been trying to find out if sex sells or whether they should just sell themselves for sex… either way they are pretty sure it won’t be profitable.

This duo have been working hard and thankfully society has taught them all they need to know – sex sells! From what they have heard "if you want to get anywhere in life you’ve got to show a little skin"... or a lot. They have plenty to go around! They are hungry for the money but also just very hungry. This duo will dazzle you with their wit and if that doesn't work – Alex's tit. The success of their 2016 run at Sydney Fringe Festival has propelled the girls to venture out and impose themselves onto more people.

Prepare for a show with even more vulgar stories that'll make you laugh, cry and clench your anus.

“Slay.” – Beyoncé, 2016

Note: it's highly unlikely there will be nudity... Thank god.

Catlovers consists of two women. One cat enthusiast and one lesbian. Alex Reynolds and Lily Starr have been performing together since 2013 and have been successfully selling out shows at the Sydney Fringe Festival for the last two years!

Catlovers combines observational, self-deprecating stand-up and musical comedy to tantalise their audiences and satisfy their own narcissistic tendencies.


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