Spiritual Botox & The New Wage

Spiritual Botox & The New Wage

Where does personality end & brain damage begin? 

A self-help chat show. 

I wouldn't piss on Pauline Hanson if she was on fire. 

An imagination prolapse. 

Ads shit on your brain. 

A multiverse of lies. 

More skin toner for Didi the chihuahua. 

Has anyone seen my Chewbacca bong, the one that sounds like him as you inhale? 

Stop scrolling & deal with your feelings. 

Missing Perth man found playing bongos in Thailand. 

If you don't give a fuck you won't get a fuck. 

The mattress infomercial said - 'As you get older, you really don't want to have to feel each other move.' 

But can it detox gravity & absorb free dole energy from the ground? 

She caught an uber to throw a beer in his face.

Your selfie stick weeps while you are asleep. 

Couples that jog together, blog together.



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