Jo Bain

Frank Hampster The Cardinal Sins Again

Jo Bain

Frank Hampster The Cardinal Sins Again

Frank Hampster was unfortunate to have gone to Catholic School in Ballarat.

Eleven of his teachers and priests have done jail time due to their ‘teaching style’.

Cardinal Sins debuted at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016 only a few weeks after Frank finished testifying at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse and a day after the Commission lawyers ‘advised’ Frank that the show could not go on as it was. He rewrote it and the show did go on, to much acclaim.

This time, the lawyers cannot stop him.

In The Cardinal Sins Again, Frank will finally be able to tell more revealing and hilarious tales from the Commission and their attempt to force Cardinal George Pell back to Australia to face the music.

This time Frank gets to ‘Pillory Pell’ for an hour!

As the pressure on Cardinal Pell mounts, Frank will reveal the ‘How and Why’ of the cover-up through jokes and impressions of what it was like to grow up in Ballarat under the control of the world’s largest paedophile ring.

(There will be no mention of the obvious)

Find out what George knew.

Find out what George did.

Find out what happened next.

Only Frank is brave enough to answer these questions and more.

This show is for everyone, especially those that really want to laugh at growing up in the Catholic Church or for those that wish to make light of getting lifestyle advice from men that wear dresses and funny hats, live in cloisters and touch children.

After 10 years loyal service in the ADF, Frank has carved out a little niche for himself in the comedy scene with his unique brand and style.

'As confronting as it is funny... it is equal parts informative, entertaining and revealing. ★★★★' Herald Sun

'Hampster has a strong awareness of the power of comedy, both as a tool for healing and a weapon for change... go to Cardinal Sins and listen to the conversation.' Pop Culture-y

'Frank was Frank by name, frank by nature which was refreshing given the subject matter... This show was eye opening, and confronting at times but some of the best shows are.' Tay Around Town 

Audience quotes about Cardinal Sins 

"Wow Frank!! What a roller coaster of emotions I have just been through. Laughs, tears and a sing-a-long to boot. It has made me admire you even more than I already did. I encourage everyone to get along to the show for a genuinely unique experience from an amazing and funny man." 

"Congratulations Frank on being so courageous and also having to totally rewrite the script due to legal proceedings. Amazing. It was a great night and I'm glad we met. Thanks for sharing."


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